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Techno-Pichi Iridiscente



Vestido tipo Pichi con Bolsillo de Kanguro en la pechera, tirantes regulables y cierre con cremallera.
Overall dress with Kangaroo pocket on the chest, adjustable straps and zip closure.

Deslumbrarás en los Festivales / You will shine at the festivals

100% Handmade


WANNABE Collection

Pechera con Bolsillo de Kanguro / Chestpiece with Kangaroo Pocket
Tirantes Regulables / Adjustable Straps
Cierre con Cremallera / zip closure
Tela / Fabric: Lycra

Hecho a Mano / Handmade
Diseño exclusivo. Solo quedan dos / Exclusive design (only two left)

TALLAS / SIZES: S (36) , M (38/40)

Lavar a mano con agua fria / Hand wash with cold water


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